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Lauwtje a.k.a Lauwtje Lauws is a Dutch-Surinamese female rapper, born 1993 in Rotterdam, South Holland, the Netherlands and raised in various Dutch cities, namely The Hague, Zoetermeer, Emmen and Lelystad. Currently based in Lelystad, Flevoland performing with lyrics in Dutch and signed to Van Klasse.

Both her parents are from Suriname, while her mother is of Creole-Javanese-Indian descent, her father is of Javanese descent. She made her debut on Esko's single Bye, Bye, Bye which featured Josylvio and Jermaine Niffer. The single reached the 63rd spot in the Dutch Single Top 100,

Lauwtje - Boing Boing ft. Famke Louise & Poke (prod. Esko & Krankjoram)

Until recently, Lauwtje was still an unknown name for the Dutch rap scene. The Beats by Esko mega session of 101 Barz changed that.

The only woman among the crème de la crème of the Dutch rap industry showed that she was in no way inferior to her male colleagues.

A month later she appeared on Esko's debut album "Beats by Esko", which came in at number one in the top 100 album.

It concerned a guest contribution on the Esko track "Bye, Bye, Bye", in collaboration with Josylvio and Jermaine Niffer.

Two weeks later she released her debut single "Day In Day Out" under Van Klasse. This single was well received and all this promises much good for the future.

Lauwtje - Litty ft. Young Ellen

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