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Top 5 Russian dope artists

Top 5 Russian dope artists

1) Boulevard Depo

Russian-born Boulevard Depo, began his adventure with hip-hop as a graffiti artist, and only then instead of a paint he chose a microphone. Since the beginning of his musical career, the artist has been promoting cloud rap in Russia, because, as he says in music, creativity is the most important thing: “The more fun and crazy sound - the better”. His career began at the beginning of 2014, when he founded YungRussia group and then approached Dead Dynasty’s collective. As of now, he has released 7 mixtapes, 5 mini-albums and a lot of singles. He will perform as part of a tour which will include 16 Russian cities and 6 European ones. Apart from the newest Rapp2 album, you’ll certainly be able to hear his biggest hits.

2) Orgonite

Orgonite is an Israeli explosive crew, younger brothers and sisters of the madmen from the Russian band Little Big. The group was founded by Vadim Mechon and Yan Future Trash from the punk band ShittyCT, who (as migrants from former Soviet Union countries) are fascinated by post-Soviet rip-offs and electronic music. In their vision they embody all the cultural elements that coexist in today’s Israel. This is how the Middle Eastern Rave concept came into being – a crazy, colourful and wild combination of post-Soviet, Israeli, African, Arab and European culture. Orgonite invite us for an intense meeting with the Middle East: music mix, cuisine, DIY approach, and even a specific fashion based on counterfeit Adibass products. Their video clips are particularly interesting and have been viewed over 6 million times! They depict the reality of Israel completely different from that present in the media all over the world. Vibrant, radiant, pulsating with life and cultural shock, yet full of brilliant, playing with stereotypes sense of humour. We will, we will rave you!

3) Tatarka

Tatarka was born in Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently, she lives in St. Petersburg and she is a vlogger. Her Youtube blog named “Tatar Days” (in Russian:Татарские будни) has almost a million subscribers. She is married to Ilya Prusikin, the vocalist and frontman of the Russian pop-rave-band Little Big.

“Altyn” (means Gold in Tatar language) is her first song, which was launched in 2016 and praised her in the Russian music scene.

Now Tatarka is working on recording her debut album. It is known that the album will be in two languages, Tatar and English.


4) Little Big

Little Big – first russian rave music band, who explode the dancefloors not only in Russia, but abroad. Every song, video and performance of the band is an image of social events, that occur in the world. Musicians touch actual problems of the country and stereotypes about Russia. Real trash, a riot of color, balancing on the edge of absurdity combined with rave, powerful electronic music with the elements of hip-hop.

5) Ice3Peak

The Moscow band IC3PEAK is the duo of Nastia Kreslina and Nikolai Kostylev - turned the belated Russian fashion for Witch Houseand gloomy rave in mid-2000s into convincing and independent music. IC3PEAK plays digital industrial pop, combining "sound terrorism" with melodic clarity and opportunities for dancing. They also produce video art and IC3PEAK describes its band as an "audio-visual project".

The first performance took place in Saint-Petersburg, following with the concert in Moscow at the second party of the series "W17CHØU7" ("Witchout"),to an audience of around 600 people. The band's first release was on the Portland label STYLSS in 2014, and the first clip for the track "Ether" was also released. After the release of the EP "Vacuum" in 2014 on French label Stellar Kinematics the first performances were held in Europe: in France (Bordeaux and Paris) and in Latvia (Riga).

In 2016, the band toured Brazil. They also created a video for the track "Go With the Flow".In the same year, the first tour of the U.S. and a performance in Mexico took place. In 2017, IC3PEAK won the Electronics category in the Jager Music Awards and the Golden Gorgulla Award for "best experimental project of the year". At the beginning of November 2017, the band released their first Russian-language album called "Сладкая Жизнь" (Sweet Life) and the track "Грустная сука" (Sad Bitch),which received more than 10 million views on YouTube.

The album "Сказка" (Fairytale) contains songs on social themes. In the song "Смерти Больше Нет" (Death No More), Kreslina sings from the perspective of a riot squad militiaman facing the Lubyanka jail-headquarters of the FSS (Federal Security Service) where features the lyrics "Together with others you will be twisted in the square" and "I go outside to caress a cat while a cop car runs it over".

 In the fall of 2018, the group, like a number of other Russian independent performers, started having problems with the cancellation of concerts in Russian cities by local security forces.

 The band have been caught up in a crackdown on popular music acts across provincial Russia, where shows have been canceled in a flurry of local pressure that is said to have provoked an intervention by the Kremlin.

They are still allowed to travel abroad and are currently touring China.

And to end this Join the #skibidichallenge - just film how you dance the skibidi-dance, put the #skibidichallenge hashtag and post it on your YouTube and Instagram.

Top 5 Russian dope artists