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Lachlan Watson

Lachlan Watson

Lachlan Watson plays queer character Susie Putnam in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina actor Lachlan Watson explains what identifying as non-binary means in a new Netflix video.

Watson is joined by three other non-binary actors: Jacob Tobia, Shiva Raichandani, and Santa Clarita Diet Liv Hewson.

‘Gender to me is like languages and money. It exists, it’s real and it informs how humans interact with each other a great deal and it’s important, but we made it up,’ says Hewson, a non-binary lesbian.

Watson, who plays queer character Susie Putnam on Sabrina, echoed their feelings.

‘If I didn’t have this body, if I was just floating meaninglessly in the space as a blob of cells, who would I be?’

They furthermore add: ‘People think as gender as a finite and objective thing that it starts here and it ends here. It’s not that. For me, it just keeps going. It’s a continuing line. It’s just like walking straight in the woods and not knowing where I’m going.’

Is gender identity the same thing as sexual orientation?

Some still consider gender identity to be related to sexual orientation.

‘My gender identity does not relate to my sexual orientation even remotely,’ says Watson.

‘I identify as both non-binary and pansexual, which are two very fancy ways of saying I don’t care.’

They further argue: ‘I see through you into your soul, that’s what matters to me. Can we talk like people? Do you understand me as a person? Can you give me what I need as a person? As a soul? That’s what’s important to me. It doesn’t matter what’s in your pants. It doesn’t matter how you express yourself, what you look like. It’s the core of your being.’

What should people know about being non-binary?

Watson goes on addressing what they would like people to understand about identifying as non-binary.

‘What I wish people knew about non-binary identities is I think that we’re equal people. We don’t have to be different if you don’t see it that way,’ they say.

In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina we see a queer journey unfold through the character Susie Putnam. Played by nonbinary actor Lachlan Watson, this journey was crafted with influence and guidance from Lachlan's personal experiences. In What I Wish You Knew Lachlan is joined by other nonbinary bad-asses Liv Hewson, Jacob Tobia, and Shiva Raichandani, the four discuss and dismantle misconceptions about being nonbinary.

credit @thehowler

credit @thehowler

Lachlan Putnam explains that understanding his identity has called for "a storm of introspection, poetry and googling". The actor understood around 13 years that he was "a little queer" and attracted to girls. He defines himself as a lesbian. This is the act one of his famous "opera". Before act two: to understand that he is actually questioning more about his gender identity than his sexual orientation. He then comes out 'trans' and gets a testosterone prescription.

Lachlan Watson

But he realizes at that moment that the idea of having a beard terrifies him as much as that of keeping his chest. Through articles and videos, he discovers non-binary identity. It's act three. "A nirvana" according to him. "I understood that the problem was not that I was not a man. But that I was a woman, "he summarizes to explain how he understood who he was.

Lachlan Watson