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TOP 5 Inspiring humans

TOP 5 Inspiring humans

Be Good, Be Kind (ID)

From entertainment, to fashion, to politics, in the face of opposition, adversity and hatred, a generation of silence-breakers have taken a stand and made their voices heard.

1) Be bold like JAZZELLE

For Jazzelle, beauty is more than just the way you look, it's exploring how you can transform yourself; a form of meditation, self exploration and expression that lead to Jazelle discovering her own inner peace.

Jazzelle is more than a model. She's a movement. She's a rule-breaker. She's a fashion game-changer.

2) Be yourself and nailed it like Maxim Magnus

I created my community on Instagram [because I] also want to relate to people who aren't necessarily trans but who are going through a hard time," she says.

Maxim Magnus for Vogue UK

I sat down with 16 year old transgender model, Finn Buchanan. In the short time that we've known each other, we have talked about every step of our transitions, and decided it was time to share some of it with the world.

 3) Be crazy and partying like Charles Jeffrey

London fashion designer Charles Jeffrey journeys to New York during fashion week to explore runway shows, DIY designers and an underground club culture not seen in the city for decades.

4) Be purposeful and positive like Issa Rae

Insecure, the last series she has produced, has propelled her to the rank of world star. Tired of community cultural dictatorships and prejudices that are parasitic daily, she portrays with brio and humor the evolution and questioning of a woman of her generation.

how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Issa's rules for success.

5) Start to love yourself and talk in safe space with Adwoa Aboa

L Yara Shahidi, ASOS mag's Spring cover star, is an activist and actress in the ground-breaking and award-winning TV show Black-ish, and is interviewed for this issue by British model and founder of Gurl's Talk, Adwoa Aboah. Go behind the scenes of Yara's cover shoot, while she and Adwoa talk knowledge, power, hope, fashion and the future.

TOP 5 Inspiring humans