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You can call me Ogk!  "Original Goddess Kayla"

You can call me Ogk!  "Original Goddess Kayla"


It's a new chronicle where I will introduce you, extraordinary people who shine by their personalities and who make us want to go ahead and realize our dreams.

Inspirational people that I noticed on social networks or in the real world.

Introducing Kayla my first crush "PEOPLE OF EARTH"

A young girl with a bewitching smile and full of creativity.


  Je vais au grès de mes découvertes, vous présenter des personnes hors du commun qui brillent par leurs personnalités et qui nous donnent envie d'aller de l'avant et de réaliser nos rêves.

Des personnes inspirantes que j'ai remarqué sur Ies réseaux sociaux ou bien dans la vrai vie. Je vous présente Kayla mon premier crush  "PEOPLE OF EARTH"   Une jeune fille au sourire envoûtant et pleine de créativité.

What are your plan for the coming year?

I have a lot coming up this next year! I am in a DJ/Producer duo group called KGTO, and we have a lot of music coming out next year! A lot of remixes and originals! I will be having more blog post on my website, and I also will hopefully start up a Youtube channel! I'm getting everything prepared to it! I plan on talking about just what is going on in the world, music, playing video games, all that fun stuff! Just things that are a little hard to completely explain through blogging!


I would describe myself as radiant, love, and a creator!

Thoughts of an Original Godess

 What is your personal background?

Well, first of all I go by Ogk! It stands for "Original Goddess Kayla", Kayla being my real name lol! I am 23 years old from Dallas, Texas, and I am half African American and half Filipina. I come from a big family! I am the oldest of 4 siblings, and the oldest cousin of 14 grand-kids on my moms side, and 8 kids on my dads side! I am very close to my cousins, so I always felt like the older sister of a lot of kids lol! I have been doing things in regards to entertainment since I was young! When I was about 4 I would do beauty pageants, around 5 (or 6 lol) I did professional figure skating, and when I was 7-9 I was on the Barney & Friends TV Show! I found my true passion in music though, and I have been doing it ever since I taught myself how to play the piano when I was 12! I was home-schooled so I could focus on music from middle school (8th grade) through high-school! Now I work on music for a living and I love it!

What is your most significant positive and negative life experience and how did you impact it?

For me to talk about the most positive experience in my life, I have to talk about the negative first! When I was younger I had a really fragile self esteem. I would compare myself to other people VERY often. It caused me to turn to cutting myself and becoming bulimic. I just never felt good enough at anything or good enough for anybody! It was a very stressful, sad, and dark period in my life. It wasn't until a few years ago I started really understanding my own worth, and started really appreciating myself for who I am, that I was able to get out of those dark times! I started to tell myself what I like about myself, what I love about myself, and started understanding that NOBODY can take my worth away from me! Which leads me to the most significant positive time in my life. It is when I truly fell in love with myself! When all those insecurities started to fade away, and the truth about myself started becoming clearer and clearer! Of course loving myself is still something I practice every day, but it becomes better and better everyday as I become better!   

Which countries have you preferred or which you wish to visit?

Well, I've only been to 2 countries! The United States, which is where I am from, and Guinea which is where I am living right now! I don't necessarily think I have a preference right now! There are beauties and both places and I just really love seeing how other people live and widen my knowledge on what is going on in the world! I would love to visit a whole lot of other countries! I do want to visit the Philippines because I am half filipina, and I also want to visit other countries here in Africa, Japan, and France to name a few! 

What are your musical and artistic influences?

Oh I have a lot of musical and artistic influences! But to name a few, Bruno Mars, Hayley Williams, Dillon Francis, Zedd, Skrillex, Diplo, Poo Bear, Jessie J, India.Arie, and of course Beyonce. I'd feel wrong if I didn't say Beyonce lol!

Of what kingdom are you the queen?

I am the Queen of my own Kingdom! My kingdom is magical with unicorns, has nice weather all the time, is right next to a beach with the clearest water, a bad ass speaker system for whenever I want to DJ or jam out to music, UNLIMITED FREE WIFI, and chocolate covered strawberries whenever I please!! 

What goddess are you?

I am an Original Goddess! An original Goddess is something everyone has in them! It is my higher self, my inner voice, the light in me, whatever you want to call it! I found my Original Goddess when I found myself!

What is your philosophy of life?

Do things that make you happy! Don't just spread love, but love yourself through the process! Don't fight life, flow with it! You can create and manifest your reality! You are light, you are love, you are creation, and creator! 

What are your beauty secrets?

Drink lots of water, exfoliate your skin, eat green foods, tell yourself you're beautiful, listen to India.Arie! lol!

 What is your totem animal?

I am not quite sure what my totem animal is, but I will say the animal I relate to the most is the panda! They're mixed like me and they're cuddly and they like to roll around lol!

 To finish what message would you like to share with the world?

Everyone has magic in them! It is up to you whether or not you tap into that magic! You are beautiful, you are amazing, and you are your own Original Goddess <3333
You can call me Ogk!  &quot;Original Goddess Kayla&quot;