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Zoku® la marque fun qui fait des glaces maison en 7 min

Zoku® la marque fun qui fait des glaces maison en 7 min

 Zoku® turns ice pops into collectible friends with new Zoku Character Pops, individual mini molds for quick, easy, and fun homemade ice pops. From Bunny and Songbird to Turtle and Hedgehog, these playful new characters are designed to bring every pop’s personality to life.

Zoku® transforme ses glaces en petit personnages fun et colorés  à collectionner.La nouvelle collection des Zoku Character Pops,  sont des mini moules individuels prévu pour faire des glaces artisanales rapidement et facilement. Il y en a pour tous les goûts les formes sont super fun et ludique de quoi mettre du peps dans votre quotidien . 

Zoku® la marque fun qui fait des glaces maison en 7 min

The animal shapes are so cute! You can see the details when you take them out of the molds to eat. Just fill and freeze - quick and simple for kids and adults. No problem removing pops from the pop molds; pops don't break apart. We've frozen grape juice and lemonade. Going to try frozen fruit puree next. Easy to hand-wash. Though bigger than individual pop molds, it still doesn't take up too much room in our small freezer. Great for dessert, a snack, or breakfast on a hot day.


Zoku® la marque fun qui fait des glaces maison en 7 min

Each of the eight Zoku Character Pops comes with a red mold and a reusable stick with a built-in drip guard made to complement each design: a tail-shaped stick for the Kitty, a fan of feathers for the Owl, and webbed feet for the Frog. But the fun doesn’t disappear when the pop does—every bite reveals part of the heart-shaped stick.

Zoku Character Pops make it easy to create homemade ice pops from fruit juice, flavored yogurt, lollipop recipes or simply by combining chocolate and cream. Just pour the ingredients into the mold, insert the reusable stick, and freeze it.

These chilly treats release easily with a fun “pop” sound. There’s no need to run the mold under warm water. Each family member can choose their own unique character since each of the eight different designs are sold separately. Purchase multiples of the same design for themed parties. The Princess Character Pop is a surefire hit for birthday parties, where each girl could create her own princess and kiss the Frog to see what happens. Cross-merchandise with other products for an eye-catching display and endless story possibilities.

Like all Zoku products, Zoku Character Pops are BPA and phthalate free. U.S. and international patents pending.

Zoku Character Pops have a suggested retail price of $7.99 for each of the eight different designs, each sold separately. 

Zoku Character Pops catapult off the success of the patented Slow-Pop™ Collection of Fish Pop Molds, Round Pop Molds, Mini Pop Molds and Classic Pop Molds. Zoku’s lineup of innovative products also includes the patented, award-winning Quick Pop® Maker line, which freezes ice pops on the countertop in seven minutes, without electricity.

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Zoku Character Pops facilite la création de glaces faite maisons à partir de jus de fruits, de yaourt aromatisé, de recettes de sorbet ou simplement en combinant du chocolat et de la crème. Il suffit de verser les ingrédients dans le moule, insérer le bâton réutilisable et le congeler.

Facile à démouler ces glaces s'ouvre d'une simple pression. Chaque membre de la famille pourra choisir son propre personnages parmi les huit designs vendu séparément. Vous pourrez donc vous composer une collections personnalisé. 

Comme tous les produits Zoku, Les Zoku Character Pops sont sans BPA et sans phtalate. comptez 7,99 $ l'unité.

Freeze ice pops in as little as seven minutes with the patented Zoku Quick Pop® Maker! Make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored core pops right on your countertop without electricity. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer. (Faites des glaces en 7 minutes seulement avec le Zoku Quick Pop® Maker)

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