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Sorelle Amore have the best job on the Planet

Sorelle Amore have the best job on the Planet

Sorelle Amore is an Australian photographer, videographer and reporter living in Iceland. Having traveled to over 40 countries and starting at the age of five, she instantly become obsessed with the beauty of people and of Mother Nature worldwide.

Living in Australia, Poland, Canada and Iceland throughout her life, she’s become more understanding of cultures around the world and realized that the world is a far more kind and caring place than what we are lead to believe. This is the core of what she wants to promote through her work – ‘The world is perfect, so go out and explore’.

Her favourite countries include Greenland, Iceland, Jordan and Egypt. The stranger the country – the more her desire to discover it so to encourage others to seek an unusual and exciting life.

In relation to travel, Sorelle has been a tour guide for multiple companies, outdoor education instructor for troubled and disabled kids, a lifeguard on some of the busiest beaches in Australia, a travel photographer and videographer for the last 12 months and an official promoter of Iceland and Greenland tourism.

Outside of travel, Sorelle has worked in marketing and social media management with a huge array of companies, organizations in the creative and film industries, and event organizers.

Sorelle is a firm believer that travel is one of the most important thing in life, as it teaches you appreciation of others and their cultures, communication skills, organizational skills, gratitude and so much more.

Sorelle Amore have the best job on the Planet

Cette jeune australienne a commencé son blog, "pinup up passion" en 2011, son but était de redonner confiance à toutes les filles, peu importe leurs apparences et leurs origines. Elle a toujours été intriguée par les modes de vie alternatifs, car elle n’aime pas penser comme la masse, elle est de nature très curieuse. Elle a écrit pas moins de 700 articles sur l’estime de soi, sur le fait de prendre sa vie en main peu importe l’avis  des gens et son let motive c’est d’être une femme libre, épanouie.

Une femme qui refuse de se conformer aux dictats de la société.

This young Australian began her blog, "pinup up passion" in 2011, her goal was to restore confidence to all girls, regardless of their appearances and origins. She has always been intrigued by alternative lifestyles, for she does not like to think like the mass, she is of very curious nature. She has written no fewer than 700 articles on self-esteem, taking control of her life no matter what people think, and her motivation is to be a free, fulfilled woman.

A woman who refuses to conform to the dictates of society.

À partir de 2014 quelque chose c'est passé en elle, et j'ai pu observer une métamorphose. Elle s’est coupé les cheveux, puis quelque mois plus tard elle a tout plaqué pour le meilleur.

From 2014 something happened in it, and I could observe a metamorphosis. She cut her hair, then some months later she tackled everything for the best.

Quelques jours après avoir publié cette vidéo, j’ai  vu un message de Sorelle sur Facebook qui nous informé qu’elle allé partir en voyage à travers le monde, suite a cette annonce, Sorelle recu un grand nombre d'invitations à travers le globe.

A few days after publishing this video, I saw a message from Sorelle on Facebook that she was going on a trip around the world, following this announcement, Sorelle received a large number of invitations across the globe .

Il y a quelques mois, charmée par l’Island elle a décidé d’y rester un petit moment. Elle a commencé à faire des photos, ou elle se mettait en scène dans la toundra nordique, vêtue d’un bikini et de son sourire ravageur.

A force de volonté de liberté d'esprit et de travail, elle s’est construit une carrière de globe-trotteur photographe, et elle commence à faire le buzz sur internet.

A few months ago, charmed by the Island she decided to stay there for a while. She started taking pictures, or she was performing in the northern tundra, dressed in a bikini and her pervasive smile.

With the will of freedom of mind and work, she has built a career as a globe-trotter photographer, and she begins to make the buzz on the internet.

Sorelle, m'inspire depuis des années, et elle est pour moi un véritable exemple de femme forte et indépendante, elle nous prouve avec son parcours que tout est possible si on croit en soi et en ses rêves.

Sorelle has inspired me for years, and she is for me a true example of a strong and independent woman, she proves to us with her journey that everything is possible if one believes in oneself and in one's dreams.

They told me it would be paradise. And paradise it is. #ThirdHome #StayWorldly #BestJobOnThePlanet #TravelMore

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